Fire/Flood Damaged Buildings

damagedWhen fire or flood significantly damages a home or building it will often require partial or complete demolition.

Knowing When to Demolish or Not

The floods in Brisbane and Queensland during recent times were devestating and left many buildings and homes with no option but demolition. Sometimes you may not be sure what the best option is.

Demolishing a damaged property for rebuilding has a number of benefits over simply renovating:

  • Bigger warranty on new building structure rather than repaired structure
  • Peace of mind knowing there is no risk of not replacing something in the building that could potentially cause further problems a couple of years down the track
  • It lets you make a fresh start

It may surprise you to know that for buildings heavily damaged by fire or flood it may also be the cheapest option to get the house or building demolished and rebuilt.

For advice or a quote on demolishing a building please contact us. We can work with you and/or your insurance company to help you get things sorted.